Award-Winning Case Study: WNS

Entry: The Green Lean Sigma (GLS) Project

About WNS

WNS Global Services is a recognized leader in business process outsourcing (BPO). Established in 1996 as a fully owned subsidiary of British Airways, WNS is now a publicly listed company on NYSE. WNS is passionate about building a market leading company valued by clients, employees, business partners, investors and communities.

We deliver value to our clients by bringing operational excellence and deep industry and functional knowledge to their critical business processes. We serve several industries viz travel, insurance, financial services, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing, distribution and retail. WNS has international presence with over 21000 employees and 20 sites spread across 6 countries India, Srilanka, Romania, Philippines, UK & USA.

WNS was the winner of the “Global Six Sigma Award- Best Outsourcing Company” in 2007. Introducing GLS – The WNS Green Project Improving the quality of the environment is now a business imperative for the world’s leading companies. The impact of carbon emissions and environmental issues will affect how companies operate in the future. WNS recognizes this fact and is committed to becoming a carbon neutral company. 

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