Award-Winning Case Study: Wipro

Entry: Best Project in Customer Experience

Strategic Objectives and Scope
In May 2007, Wipro was contracted to provide Order Management services to the client such as Order Entry into order management systems, ordering CPE and physical access lines with client’s suppliers and overall Order Management. However Wipro does not exercise complete control over the Order Management cycle as major portions still depend on client as well as its 200 equipment and access suppliers across the world. Wipro realized that crux of Order Management is the ability to fulfill the orders in time as this has a direct bearing on the revenue/cash flow (and hence the bottom line) of any organization. The three key elements in Order to Cash cycle is on improving: · Revenue / Cash Flow. · Customer Experience – providing flexible, and predictable service / lead times · Fulfilling the order in a predictable cost base – Improving on Operational Efficiency by eliminating NVA and bottlenecks Customer experience is perceived through 4 key requirements that a telco (or any company) needs to deliver on. They are – a. Choice, b. Predictability, c. Flexibility, d. Cost. 

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Award Winning Customer Experience Case Study: Wipro

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