Lean Six Sigma; An Introduction to the Methodology

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is the result of combining two widely-used Operational Excellence methodologies: Lean and Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma firstly places emphasis on the use of Lean methodologies and tools to identify and remove waste and increase process velocity, then fortifies this with the use of Six Sigma methodologies and tools to identify and reduce (or ideally) remove process variation altogether.

"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them" 

- Albert Einstein



A Short Introduction to Lean Six Sigma - AlonGoldis

The DMAIC Process

DMAIC is an acronym for the five phases that make up the core of the Lean Six Sigma process:

  • Define the problem, improvement activity, opportunity for improvement, the project goals, and customer (internal and external) requirements.
  • Measure process performance.
  • Analyze the process to determine root causes of variation, poor performance (defects).
  • Improve process performance by addressing and eliminating the root causes.
  • Control the improved process and future process performance.



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Further Reading

The Top 10 Lean Six Sigma Books

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