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Get Your Organization Prepared for Operational Excellence

Written by Kevin Duggan | Oct 9, 2017 1:32:00 PM

Are you prepared for Operational Excellence?

An organization can’t shift from a culture of continuous improvement to a destination of Operational Excellence without the support of all employees, so it’s critical to drive excitement around the program.

And the key? Education.

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When launching an OpEx implementation, it’s good to start with the big picture and highlight what employees will experience once the organization achieves Operational Excellence. Make sure to discuss the results in terms employees will understand, like business growth.

It’s also important to provide detailed training on the eight principles and unique guidelines of Operational Excellence. To further employees’ understanding, put the information into context by explaining how the principles and guidelines will impact their work. That way, they’ll know what to expect and can prepare for any changes - and give them opportunities to put the material into practice.

Don’t forget to include management in the training so they can get behind the program to drive support company-wide. By taking part, they’ll also glean any resistance or apprehension among employees, and be prepared to respond.

Ready to lay the groundwork for a successful OpEx implementation at your organization? In this white paper, we share the step-wise approach to get started.


WHITE PAPER: Three Steps to Prepare an Organization for Operational Excellence  

  • Explaining Operational Excellence in Terms Employees Understand
  • Encouraging Employee Engagement
  • Securing Management & Leadership Support