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Charlotte Kelly
April 16, 2017

Platinum Award Winning Case Studies, Available Now

We are proud to offer our BTOES Insights community with access to the very best Award-Winning Case Studies of the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards, 2017! You can learn more about the awards hereClick the images below for Access to the 2 Platinum Award-Winning entries.

Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences/Platinum Award for Organizational Excellence - Sanofi, 'Big Opportunity'.

Sanofi Pasteur Cover.png

Challenge: a substandard manufacturing quality culture that was a public health and a business liability

Answer: an unprecedented purpose-focused, employee-driven, global Operational Excellence activist movement

Achievements: complete turnaround of the corporate culture in 2 years. Massive quality improvement. Increased supply. Restored trust from Health Authorities. Savings above $250M.

Download the Case Study Now


Best Achievement in Business Transformation / Platinum Award for Best Operational Excellence Project - Philips Lighting

Philips Cover.png


Philips Lighting achieved the following advances over 18 months:

  • Consistent delivery reliability exceeding 96% (up from 75%)
  • Committed 4-week customer lead-times increased from 1% to 42% of Outdoor portfolio
  • Agent NPS scores improved from -56 to +4
  • Improvements replicated across over 50% of the Outdoor North America portfolio, impacting a projected $125m+ of annual revenue coverage

Download the Case Study Now


All the best,

Charlotte Kelly
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