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September 13, 2017

Training your Employees in Operational Excellence & Performance Improvement

Operational Excellence Training for your organization

 WATCH NOW: Training your Employees in Operational Excellence & Performance Improvement, Hospital Sisters Health System 

About the Presentation

Strategic Alignment is often overlooked as a key deliverable in the success of an organization.

Ensuring the work all colleagues do is aligned with what the vision and goals are for the company can often lead to substantial improvements year in and year out. In this presentation from the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit, we will also discuss with you what a Lean Transformation roadmap looks like and the roles of leaders throughout the deployment as well as what a training program for Lean Transformation looks like.

How often are projects initiated on things that don’t even really matter?

Someone decides to start a project only to find out it’s not really aligned with any improvements or goals on the Strategic Plan. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that aligns the goals on the strategic plan with department goals and then on down to front line staff actionable goals? I'll show examples of different types of metric boards that enable front line staff being engaged in daily problem solving. Apart of those examples will be the way metrics can be displayed that are relatable to what colleagues are doing and how to they can easily track them on a daily basis.

The critical piece we will discuss is how to document when those daily goals aren’t met and what actions you should take to ensure counter measures have been put in place to rectify whatever issue made the unit or department not hit their goal. You will get a chance to see examples of 5 why cause chains and how solving problems collectively can be fun and fulfilling.

With the Strategic roadmap, you will see a five year plan laid out and what key deliverables are recommended to be met each year in order to stay on track. We will discuss words like process owner, sensei, and executive champion.

What is Operational Excellence? Introduction & Definitions

The Non-negotiables of a successful training program

For training, you will hear what the non-negotiables are for having a successful training program. Some of those include the engagement of Executive leadership, establishing goals for the program ahead of time and ensuring your pursuing a Lean Transformation for the right reason; culture change. We will dive into what kind of training interval works and how learn and apply is key to adult learning.

 WATCH NOW: Training your Employees in Operational Excellence & Performance Improvement, Hospital Sisters Health System 

Training your Employees in OpEx & Performance Improvement

 If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to Chris at or check out his book on Amazon Kindle “Lean Healthcare Pocket Reference: Relating Lean to Healthcare”
Christopher Govero has over 15 years of Lean/Six Sigma process improvement experience in a wide range of industries, including Healthcare, Manufacturing Government, Department of Defense, Education and other service industries.  He has also spent time consulting both domestically and abroad.

Key learning takeaways from  this session include:

  • What should your training program look like?
  • Involving leadership and front line staff on business improvement and the importance of metrics
  • Engaging your employees: remove the fear factor and create a culture of transparency 
  • Understanding your employees purpose and processes to show to the executive leadership team on their impact

About the Speaker

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Missouri Southern State University and a Master of Business Administration from Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri.  In addition, he also holds an ASQ Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Chris currently works as the Executive Director of Performance Improvement and Outpatient Services at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s in Belleville, IL. His key responsibilities include leading hospital wide Lean Six Sigma efforts as well as operations in Outpatient and Revenue Cycle departments.

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