Ernie Spence
May 27, 2018

Creating a Culture of Operational Discipline that leads to Operational Excellence -

Creating a Culture of Operational Discipline that leads to Operational Excellence: Applying lessons from High-Reliability Organizations

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Applying lessons from High-Reliability Organizations

As the world becomes more complex, the best companies and leaders are beginning to realize that improving culture is their greatest lever for achieving Operational Excellence. The complex system that many companies have become requires a different kind of culture—one that ensures its people do the right thing, the right way, every time, whether or not it has been written down, formally taught, or dictated. 

Establishing such a culture is no easy task, but it is a requisite for achieving and then sustaining operations excellence.  Such cultures are based on a set of guiding principles that have been deliberately established, communicated in a meaningful way from all levels of management, translated at all levels of the organization, and reinforced on daily basis—bringing the culture to life. 

The challenge is getting these principles instilled in the organization. It starts by necessarily learning what the current culture is and what each level of the organization thinks it ought to be. The gaps between what management and the front line thinks of the culture cannot be paved over on this journey or the road quickly crumbles.  From there, the task is to establish a set of principles aligned to the company’s definition of operational excellence and to embed them carefully at every level of the organization.

In this Vantage Point, we share the most important lessons we have learned through our research and experience working directly with High-Reliability Organizations (HROs) and our clients as they pursue Operational Excellence. Learn to develop a culture transformation framework that can be successfully used in many different organizations, and discuss some of the tools a leadership team will need during their transformation. 


Improve your productivity with a Company culture of Operational Excellence

Transforming your company’s culture may seem a daunting, or even a near-impossible task.  With the right approach, tools, and support, a successful transformation is not only possible, it can be a reality—and quicker than you might imagine. 

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