The PROQIS Network has the ear of the senior-level decision makers across the entire spectrum of mid-size and major corporations who are reshaping and adjusting the role of continuous improvement to achieve Operational Excellence and end-to-end Business Transformation.

Our internal connections consist of over 155,000 senior-level leaders, across all key industries across the world. These are the key corporate decision makers, business buyers and influencers within organizations worldwide that are looking to solve key pressing issues and accelerate their buying cycles.

In short we can put you in the front of the right people, from the right organizations, who are looking for your services and solutions. This can be driven from our recommendations and your ideal wish list prospects you are struggling to meet. 

Operational Excellence Sponsorship Opportunities 2017

So How Does This Work?

The PROQIS Network will host and facilitate, one or a series of live truly peer to peer dinner engagements inviting 8 to 15 senior executives to gather and discuss key challenges aligned with your firm’s services and solutions. As the exclusive sponsor, the dinner will feature speaker(s) from your organization, who will provide an expert industry perspective directly to the dinner guests.

These engagements are designed to be highly interactive, intimate engagements, allowing you to directly engage with relevant senior decision makers in an environment that is professional, but very relaxed, where attendees will open up over a good meal and wine, and strong rapports will be established.

Some of the most successful topic focussed dinners are hosted in conjunction with a thought leadership research initiative or research report.

Let us know your ideal buyer profile in terms of job functions and industries and we will bring them together within a convenient city location.

Sponsorship includes, audience development and invitation, logistics and venue management, and event facilitation.

Detailed attendee profiles are delivered to the sponsor prior the event for pre-dinner engagement.

Sponsorship does not include the cost of the dinner, which is generally take place in private dinner rooms in upscale restaurants in convenient city locations.

Events can be hosted globally, and do not include additional budget for travel and expenses.
  • 1 city series: starting at $15,000 
  • 3 city series: starting at $40,000
  • 5 city series: starting at $70,000

For further information, get in touch with our media contact Brian Reffell at


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