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As the use of agile approaches increases, business analysts struggle to determine how their role maps to the new approach and how it has changed from their familiar development process. Business analysts, for example, often find themselves proclaiming “in everything I read/hear about agile, I never see “business analyst” mentioned!” Even though the role of business analyst is rarely mentioned in descriptions of agile it does not mean that business analysis does not occur.

In fact, agile’s focus on delivering value to customers requires the entire team to collaboratively perform business analysis on a frequent basis. This and other characteristics of agile change how a business analyst works on a project. One change that agile introduces is a barely sufficient process which does not prescribe any documentation, including requirements artifacts.

That does not mean that documentation is not produced, rather the business analyst collaborates with other team members to decide what is needed to best deliver the solution, including how much documentation is necessary...

What Does a Business Analyst Do on an Agile Project?

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