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October 28, 2016

PARTNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Thought Leadership Webinar Series on Business Transformation & Operational Excellence

We are excited to announce an offer from our partner, the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit!

Screenshot 2016-10-28 00.19.18.pngThe Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit is proud to present our webinar series, featuring three 10 minute summary presentations from our industry-leading thought-leaders who will be at the summit. 

After the 3 presentations have taken place you will have the opportunity to take part in a live Q&A with the speakers. 

Join us after the 3 presentations have taken place for the opportunity to take part in a live Q & A with the speakers. 

Featured Speakers: 

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Join David Feierstein of NCR Corporation, Rick Hepp of Bristol Myers-Squibb and Nick Ruhmann of the National Flood Services for a FREE webinar featuring their 10-minute presentations:

Achieving Enterprise Excellence by 2020: Linking Key Behavior Indicators and Key Performance Indicators to Deliver Ideal Business Results
Rick Hepp, Executive Director, Operational Excellence, Bristol Myers-Squibb

In 2012, a new President for the Global Manufacturing & Supply Division was brought into Bristol-Myers Squibb to drive their transformation and delivered a new simple vision for the organization – to be the Benchmark in BioPharma Manufacturing & Supply. They began their transformation with a major focus on Technology Transfer Excellence, Supply Chain Excellence, and Operational Excellence (OpEx). In this talk, Rick will share how they have developed a strong OpEx capability and culture and are now moving to a new performance level with Enterprise Excellence by:

  • Building a strong global Operational Excellence team and network in terms of skills, process, culture to drive continuous improvement, cost and productivity savings, & efficiency
  • Focus on mission critical systems, infrastructure, and products to balance agility, service and cost performance.
  • Leveraged “Real Time” Analytics to deliver on speed to customers and patients, reducing time to market from months to days
  • Using Hoshin Kanri planning to strategically layout where the business is going
  • Utilized Key Behavioral Indices (KBIs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to deliver Ideal Results aligned with business strategy … embedding OpEx as “The Way We Work”  

The Importance of Utilizing Corporate Finance to Successfully Transform your Business
David Feierstein, Global Head of Business Transformation Office & Zero Based Budgeting, NCR

NCR is undergoing a complete business transformation utilizing operational excellence disciplines to achieve zero based budgeting, increase transparency and visibility in order to hold everyone accountable within the business. As the first tech company to publicly declare an implementation of zero-based budgeting, NCR is on a mission to prove its broad applicability, not just as an austerity measure, but as an enabler of innovation with aspirations of becoming the leader in end-to-end omni-channel solutions software. In this session, David will discuss:

  • How finance and measurement is central to leading change if sponsored and empowered appropriately
  • How key controls with enhanced visibility and systems can drive financial change when coupled with organizational will and transparent incentives
  •  How to approach the definitions for every cost in the business and new considerations for your spend guidelines for enhanced measurement, visibility and efficiency
  • Creation of an enterprise-wide ownership structure that drives financial accountability across the business
  • New tools for tracking and budgeting for broad-based data accessibility and transparency that can serve as a platform for other enhancements

Leaning Out of Six Sigma
Nick Ruhmann, Director of Operational Excellence, National Flood Services

Lean & Six Sigma: What’s the difference? In this session, learn how basic lean can be a portal into lean six sigma, BUT Lean Six Sigma can be a portal into a “real lean” culture that:

  • Doesn’t need or rely on “belts”
  • Makes Operational Excellence just “what we do” rather than a department or program
  • Provides the highest employee engagement
  • Drives growth and bottom line results

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