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Charlotte Kelly
September 30, 2016

REVIEW: Areas of Investment

Where are you focusing your time and money? There?...Really? 


Where does your company invest most when it comes to Operational Excellence? Perhaps you are concerned about staying up to date with the latest technology & the ‘digital transformation’ of your business. Maybe you are automating your processes to increase efficiency and eliminate waste. Perhaps your company is just in the early stages of OpEx, and your only key focus is establishing a culture of Operational Excellence. 

Do these areas of focus vary industry to industry? Almost certainly. However, in our recent report on Areas to Invest In, BTOES Insights did discover that certain areas of Operational Excellence are certainly receiving a lot more attention across the eco-system.

BTOES Insights - in collaboration with the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit – recently released the results of our survey, ‘Pressing Issues in Operational Excellence’. We asked 150+ industry professionals to list the 3 areas their organization was investing most heavily in when it comes to OpEx – answers were open-ended in order to ensure we were not guilty of ‘pigeon-holing’ or misinterpreting responses.

We posed the question:

Screenshot_2016-09-30_17.11.11.pngRespondents came from all areas of the eco-system; manufacturing, healthcare (a lot of healthcare!), consulting, aerospace & much more. 

Our intention was to understand what initiatives are already in process across the industry, and to gage the level of recognition professionals and businesses alike are investing in issues they may already consider to be top priorities. For example, part 1 of the report, (accessible here) discovered our pros were overwhelmingly of the mindset that the Customer Experience (or CX) was the top priority in Operational Excellence right now – what we wanted to find was if this was being reflected by their top 3 areas of investment. Insights also sought to understand if there was a common theme across industries.


So what came out on top? Are you investing in the same areas as these professionals? We would love to leave you all in a state of shock and awe right here – however, CX was once more the most prominently mentioned area, though being implemented in a sprawling variety of ways. However, it is surprising how wildly different industries are holding the same focus in the face of Continuous Improvement.

If you want to see how you compare, you can download the results of our study, ‘Operational Excellence: Areas of Investment, free!

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