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October 15, 2018

BTOES EXCLUSIVE SLIDE DECK: Lean Deployment Strategy and success stories

 Lean Deployment Strategy and success stories

Courtesy of PeaceHealth ,'Lean Deployment Strategy and success stories' offers the following exceptional takeaways:

  • The motivation behind shifting from a Lean projects focus to a Lean management focus
  • The elements of the PeaceHealth Lean Daily Management System
  • The phased implementation, incorporating feedback and standards
  • Implementation and sustaining successes and failures
  • Incorporating quality initiatives like patient safety, clinical excellence
  • Incorporating operations initiatives like length of stay, clinic slot utilization



Lean Deployment Strategy and success stories



About PeaceHealth

PeaceHealth, based in Vancouver, Wash., is a not-for-profit Catholic health system offering care to communities in Washington, Oregon and Alaska, founded by two sisters. It has approximately 16,000 caregivers, a medical group practice with more than 900 providers and 10 medical centers serving both urban and rural communities throughout the Northwest. In 1890, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace founded what has become PeaceHealth. PeaceHealth has had considerable benefits with operational excellence since they embarked on this journey several years ago, but what was their strategy? Download this slide deck to see Harold Peters discuss his approaches to Lean Deployment Strategy and success stories, which achieved significant benefits for their organization.


About the Author

Harold Peters: Lean Deployment Strategy and success stories

Harold Peters is the System Director of Performance Improvement, and is responsible for the approach, structure, and standards that support PeaceHealth’s operational improvements. He leads a team of community-located improvement resources who support improvements in access, throughput, reliability, cost, and efficiency across the organization’s 3 states, 10 hospitals, 70 clinics, 900 providers and 16,000 caregivers. 

Harold is a professional electrical engineer and his initial exposure to work improvement was in various positions with an electrical equipment manufacturer. In increasingly responsible roles, he implemented just-in-time manufacturing, discrete-event-simulation production planning, and designed a greenfield Lean facility with a process-oriented organizational model. In addition to managing operations, he was also responsible for information technology, which included early adoption of PC networks, automated software design systems, and an integrated design and enterprise-resource-planning system. 

Since joining PeaceHealth in 2004, Harold has contributed to a numerous improvement initiatives including: clinical workflow designs, pharmacy redesign and reliability, ED safety and throughput, physician practice redesign, continuous improvement training, and facility design. He introduced queuing theory, software modeling and simulation, and developed those into a Management Engineering team. In PeaceHealth’s transition from a holding to operating company, he led the transition to a single improvement vision, strategy, and structure. Recently, he directed a three-year system-wide deployment of a Lean Daily Management System, which now involves approximately 400 units and 14,000 caregivers.


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