The Dis-Continuous Improvement Journey

Larry Fast,  Founder & President, Pathways to Manufacturing Excellence LLC
  • The Board of Directors does not ensure the process is sustained through changes in CEOs.
  • C-suite leaders under-communicating the vision, the strategy and "the whys" for the necessary changes due to lack of expertise.
  • Senior leaders fail to change their own thinking and behaviors and set the example for the expectations they have for everyone else.
  • Senior leaders delegate CI accountability to lower levels without follow up and holding them accountable.
  • Organization changes within operations cause loss of focus and often the abandonment of the existing CI process.
  • Operations leaders lack a comprehensive audit process for guiding the improvement processes and sustaining the gains.
  • Operations leaders fail to create the soft infrastructure.
  • Plant Managers are not hands on enough to lead their facility to excellence.
The Dis-Continuous Improvement Journey

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The Dis-Continuous Improvement Journey


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