What is BTOES Insights?

BTOES Insights is a brand new, professional online content platform for OpEx professionals. With content specifically targeted at answering the most pressing issues in Business Transformation & Operational Excellence, we seek out the best, most relevant, original content from experienced industry professionals.

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Our Mission

The mission of BTOES Insights is to produce top-calibre, exclusive content in a variety of formats, with a focus on new developments and future trends within the industry. We aim to become a primary online source representing the views of industry thought-leaders and disruptors, presenting the most innovative opinions, and the highest-quality pieces across all industries.

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BTOES Insights wants to see top-quality voices from across the industry on a fresh, engaging platform, focusing on the current challenges and future trends within Operational Excellence. Our content can take many forms, whether it be Articles, Case-Studies, EBooks, Infographics, Presentations, Research Reports, Webinars, White Papers or more. We are always looking out for more content that we consider to be of real value to OpEx professionals, which is why we welcome contributions from all corners of the Operational Excellence ecosystem.

Our Partner

Insights is created in collaboration with the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards. This event represents the largest gathering of industry leaders, innovative disruptors, and leadership-level thought leaders across the entire business transformation, innovation execution & operational excellence ecosystem.  Please visit btoes18.com to learn more.