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dan cockerell

Key Learnings from 26 Years at Walt Disney World® Resort

Dan Cockerell
Vice-President (Retired & Inspired)
Walt Disney World
® Resort

Dan Cockerell discusses what he learned about leading a purpose-driven culture during his 26-year career at the Walt Disney Company, culminating in leading 12,000 cast members in the largest theme park in the world the Magic Kingdom.

Iassen Deenitich

End-to-end process optimization and robotics process automation (RPA) 

Iassen Deenitchin
Head of Global Process Management

RPA is one of many levers for improving processes and operational performance. Yet, it often lives its own life in large organizations: from the organizational set-up and resources to identifying and capturing opportunities for process optimization. Substantial value can be created from integrating RPA into end-to-end process management; and leveraging it fully to enhance customer experience and improve efficiency.


virgil miller-1

Business Intelligence in the Digital Age 


Virgil Miller

Customers are at the heart of Aflac’s business. In his presentation, Virgil Miller, executive vice president and chief operations officer (COO) of Aflac U.S. and president of Aflac Group, will discuss how his team is responding to market changes through their digitalization and innovation efforts, including their new customer-focused strategy called One Digital Aflac.


attila dolei

Strategy Execution and the case for Continuous Business Transformation

Attila Dobai
Head of Strategy & Innovation
 Avis Budget Group

There are only two cases when strategy is not important, you have no competition or you don’t care if you lose. Neither applies to us. We have competition and we want to win. Winning requires both strategy and execution. I believe this topic, while frequently discussed is usually over complicated and misunderstood. Focusing on the critical elements of what creates a right to win and what does not as well as consistent measurement, feedback and execution gives a company it’s best chance to win.

cedro toro-1

Use Hoshin to Execute Your Strategic Plan for World Class Results

Cedro Toro
Founder & CEO
 KPI Fire

In this workshop we will teach you how to cascade your strategic plan down throughout your organization making it real, relevant, and actionable for your team. Learn techniques from Hoshin Kanri, Lean, and Balanced Scorecard that help you communicate, get buy in, and make your plan visual. After this workshop you will have confidence that your strategy will yield breakthrough results in 2019.


cesar bocanegra

Maintaining a Lean Start-up Culture


César Bocanegra
NYU Adjunct Professor and Former COO

Learn how to embrace the "growing pains" that come with scaling an organization from start-up phase to over $100million/year in revenue. In your path to scaling, maintain a lean culture with engaged staff and high employee net promoter scores. Ensure your employees feel valued, are working towards a common goal, and are being developed, all while having fun.


james shirey-1

Driving Business Transformation with Lean Six Sigma

James Shirey
 Cicero Group

James Shirey talks about:

  • How can Lean/ Six Sigma act as a catalyst for business transformation?
  • What are the benefits to the organization?
  • What does the Lean/ Six Sigma transformation process look like?        - The Lean Value Stream                          - Initiative Identification and     Prioritization.
    - Initiative implementation                      - How to create sustainable impact?
  • Does this apply to my business?
  • What is needed in the organization to get started?


jose pires

Global Excellence & Innovation Leader


José Pires
Global Vice President of Enterprise Business Improvement & Productivity
 Andeavor Corporation

Excellence & Innovation is an integrated program for innovation, leadership development, strategy execution and value creation. It combines disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations in any industry.


Corey Rathburn

Regional Value Oriented Architecture and Clinical Excellence

Corey Rathburn
Regional Value Oriented Architecture and Clinical Excellence
 Providence Health & Services

It is easy to say, "Yes, we have implemented elements of Lean!" or "Yes, our caregivers are empowered to make the processes better ".  However, it still comes up in nearly every employee engagement survey that the lowest scoring question consistently remains "Do you feel connected to the overall strategy and vision of the Hospital and do you feel empowered to impact it?".


Jo Murray

Quality Improvement in an NHS Organisation



Jo Murray
Matron, Achieving Excellence
 NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Surrey Hospital’s quality improvement programme ‘Achieving Excellence (AE)’ supports to deliver a culture of problem solving and continuous improvement at the front line.   This involves the right mind-set – that all staff levels have ‘permission’ to improve; and that making small, incremental changes is part of the day job.  Integrated team working is vital to its ongoing success. The Trust is building on this by participating in an NHS sponsored piece of work to develop a national approach to improvement in healthcare. A positive culture of engagement is encouraged and enabled by the Executive Directors and Board.  They have created an environment that makes it clear when standards are not being met or are no longer sufficient.


David Coleman

Culture Transformation in a Manufacturing Enterprise


David Coleman
Finance Business Partner and Continuous Improvement Manager

David Coleman speaks about:

It is all about the Culture: Why? Because Culture trumps Intelligence
The Culture of your organisation will determine how individuals make decisions and how the company performs
You will explore case study examples of how the Culture overrides Intelligence and determines performance


Bryan Gallagher

Improving Business Outcomes through the Application of Enterprise-wide Operational Excellence

Brian Gallagher
SVP, Operational Excellence

This session will describe the application of Operational Excellence concepts to enable business outcomes within CACI, a $4.3B defense contractor providing solutions and services supporting critical missions.  Operational Excellence is one of three strategies helping CACI enjoy sustained, profitable growth, outpacing its peers.  The session will describe how OpEx is implemented at CACI, the tools and methods, outcomes achieved, and future plans


Jacqes Hamel

From Strategy to Operations: Building new business capabilities in record time

Jacques Hamel
Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Digital transformation is more than a catchphrase. It is a hope, a dream that all companies may grow, change or transform seamlessly. To get there, our belief is that transformation begins with a strategy that if properly understood should lead to operational change. All initiatives must be linked-to and driven-by business goals as defined by the strategy. In this context, evaluating the existing business capabilities, transforming them and acquiring new ones is essential.


Edward J. Blackman

Developing Executive Problem Solving Behaviors


Edward J. Blackman
Global Leader of CI - GIS
 Whirlpool Corporation

Introduction: How do we develop executive problem solving behaviors to support and sustain transformations?

Combining Behavioral Science with Lean leadership has resulted in transforming executives and their leadership teams into not only supporting Continuous Improvement, but also daily practitioners of CI. In this session you will learn about the CI journey of a Global Information Services leadership team.


Marco Chumra

The future of working with emerging technologies


Marco Chmura
Director of Quality & Transformation

The future of work with emerging technologies – How Morningstar is growing smart with emerging tech such as Robotic Process Automation, Chatbots, and Machine Learning. Hear how:

  • Maturing tools & technologies are re-invigorating and modernizing continuous improvement efforts
  • RPA and AI are helping drive growth and excellence across all business units and next gen leaders

Sarbari Basu

How Cummins Distribution is using Great Conversations to improve supervisor quality and drive employee engagement in frontline service operations roles

Sarbari Basu
Director - Global Talent Operations

  • Defining the problem: rising attrition at branch level, faltering engagement scores. Talent management transformation in progress – more and more processes involving hiring, managing performance , allocating pay increases being transitioned to Manager self service . Manager/ supervisors not happy at doing “HR work “ – the talent mindset is missing .Outcomes – employees do not consistently feel encouraged, appreciated, developed and look for other opportunities
  • A document – a “how to “guide on helping Managers / supervisors practice having ‘great conversations “was developed in another business unit within Cummins. Distribution took up the document and transformed it into a Manager/ Supervisor resource or tool kit and used a ‘coaching cohort “ to deploy it
  • Measurement mechanisms have been set up to assess effectiveness and measure outcomes.


Yval Dvir

A Balance of Intelligence, machine and human, for the future workplace



Yuval Dvir
Head of Intl. Online Scaled Partnerships, Google Cloud

The disruption in business triggered by technological innovation has created an imbalance in the way organizations are structured and workforce managed. As a result, digital or business transformation has been the method many companies have taken to remedy and manage the change. We will review why a change is needed and look into what a successful digital transformation entails.

  • The main technological changes and how they impact the way we think, behave and work
  • Why a new operating model is required to leverage technology
  • A balance of art and science, humans and machines, is an essential ingredient for this operating model


Michael Greenidge

Digital Enterprise Transformation Strategy: Technology Enablement + Process Simplification + Integrated Data Architecture


Michael Greenidge
IT Director, Enterprise Applications
 MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Over the past 15 years, the rapid increase in MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s business complexity with a moderate increase in its capabilities has created a significant gap, which left unchecked is a strategic threat to our ability to successfully execute on our mission.  To address this capability gap, MIT Lincoln Laboratory is undertaking a major multi-year initiative to accelerate its digital enterprise transformation by concurrently reducing the complexity of its business environment, and improving capabilities and data analytics across the entire R&D lifecycle.


Randy Clark

Accelerate Value Realization With Tips From an Opex Professional

Randy Clark
Director of Six Sigma

How effective are your processes and systems, to help you realize and demonstrate the full value of your continuous improvement and transformation programs, for your organization? Join Randy Clark, Director Six Sigma, Upland Software, for an interactive 90-minute session during which he will share insights that you can use to propel your initiatives with proven best practices


Kristof Kovacs-1

Life After Six Sigma, Lean, and Agile: Announcing Master's in Business Transformation (MBT)

Kristof Kovacs
Program Director, Transformational Leadership Development Program

  • The in-house foundation - integrating the 3E's of learning: education, experience, and exposure provided by the Transformational Leadership Development Program(TM)
  • The franchise model - taking "what's in it for me" to the next level in a corporate environment, achieving scale and globalization
  • The role of Technology in People/Process oriented deployments - Automation examined 


Shane Yount-1

Process Based Leadership® - Tactical Processes for Sustainable Strategy Execution

Shane Yount
 Competitiv Solution Inc. (CSI)

Countless organizations conduct annual strategic planning exercises and 70% of those plans fail – organizational saturation and the inability to sustain aspirational plans are the two leading failure factors.  Now is the time to stop talking about the next plan, tool, meeting, or strategy and examine first and foremost the purpose, function, and output of your tactical “Way of Work.”  Does your organization have a Tactical Way of Work? Too often strategic plans are abstract and aspirational because they don’t TRANSLATE.  Does your organization have a TRANSLATION ISSUE? Translating Strategic Intent to Tactical Execution.


Matthias Kirchmer

Targeting Value through Business Transformations


Dr. Mathias Kirchmer
Managing Director & Co CEO

Organizations often start business transformations and digital initiatives with great ambitions and an unrealistic scope. However, they often find out quickly that it does not pay off to boil the ocean. It is important to prioritize and focus on what matters most.

In this workshop attendees will get to know a pragmatic process-led approach to identify the right transformation initiatives and translate them into manageable work packages. This leads to fast results at minimal risk.


Padmini Nidumolu

Lean In Agile for Women - Enabling diversity, inclusion and adaptability

Padmini Nidumolu
Co Founder
 Lean In Agile

The Lean In Agile movement is designed to help women thrive in this new world of work with its paradoxical demands of innovation and delivery. The movement recognizes that we need structural changes to achieve a collaborative, diverse, adaptive culture and therefore calls on organizations to be inclusive and diverse in thought leadership, work force and bringing women to the decision making tables. Lean In Agile will partner with organizations to facilitate a space and a vehicle for women to co-create a vision and execute through collaboration. We also partner with conferences on “Women Inclusion” partnership.


Erich Heneke-1

Manufacturer Production Issues Are Rising, And So Is The Risk To Patient Care

Erich Heneke
Director of Business Integrity and Continuity
 Mayo Clinic

  • Learn practical strategies to stratify your medical supplies by criticality
  • Learn techniques for gathering supplier location data and proactive assessments of regional risk
  • Learn the basics of setting up a supply chain emergency operations center for supply disruption events
  • Learn how the use of automated, machine learning and Al techniques can aid in predicting the next disruptive even


Helen Figge

Supporting “DID” in Leadership: Diversity, Innovation, and Disruption


Helen Figge
Chief Strategy Officer

Diversity in the workplace is paramount to the success of any organization.  Being able to entertain various skill sets and mentor to consensus at times is difficult if not identified early and handled correctly.  Patience and skill will be paramount as we build out organizations of excellence spotlighting varying degrees of skills and innovations while balancing civility in the work environment.  Discussions will support these efforts in this segment.


Robert Crotty

Scaling a Business Transformation Across a $1.5B Healthcare Construction Portfolio

Robert Crotty
AVP - HCA Building Capital Productivity & Strategy
 HCA Healthcare

With $1.5 annul capital expenditure across 165 hospitals around the country, HCA Design and Construction’s journey is applying operational excellence concepts on a large scale.  In 2003 we began piloting the use of standard modular interior components on 6 pilots, standardized lighting and plumbing fixtures across our project portfolio.  Since then we have expanded the application of Lean principles in the areas of culture, performance improvement, enterprise alignment and measuring performance results across our portfolio.


Nuray Gurtekin Sen-1

PM@Siemens - Project Management Excellence


Nuray Gurtekin Sen
Head of Global Process and Quality Siemens Corporate Technology Research in Digitalization and Automation

  • Introduction to Siemens Project Management Operating Model
  • How excellent global R&D business consolidated across the entire life cycle 
  • PM Career Path: Developing Project Management Capabilities and Certification
  • Integrated other key modules: Q-Gates, Contract Management (LoA), Risk Management, Change Management, etc.


Jason Richards-1

Ready, Set, Transform! Creating Lasting Transformation


Jason Richards

True transformation remains a lofty goal for many businesses and organizations. Achieving real results requires starting with the right questions, building a strong, agile team, and structuring robust solutions for long-term success.


Stefan Schmidt-3

Shaping the energy industry with Operational Excellence


Stefan Schmidt
Associate Partner, Global Head of Operations & Lean Practice
 innogy Consulting, innogy SE

  • During 100 years RWE developed successfully to one of the leading gas and electricity suppliers in Europe
  • The energy transition became a game changer and forced us to re-invent ourselves
  • The energy revolution – moving away from conventional power such as coal and nuclear towards renewable energy – became a game changer for many large utilities. For more than hundred years, they have successfully delivered products and services across the entire value chain: exploration, conventional power generation, grid & infrastructure and retail business.
  • The paradigm change caused by the energy revolution and digitalization requires a new modus operandi.


Jon McGraw

Business transformation and operational excellence begin and are sustained with the right mindset

Jon McGraw
 Vision Pursue

10 year NFL veteran, Jon McGraw will share the most limiting paradigm effecting leaders and how to systematically shift to a OpEx Mindset. 

  • Process Orientation - Performance psychology at its best
  • Three skills to make the shift
  • Simple ways practice


Matt Hansen

Building Customer-Centric Metrics


Matt Hansen
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
 H&R Block

What every customer wants (often expressed as “voice of the customer” or VOC) can be boiled down to one simple 6-word phrase. Successful businesses build metrics that are centered around that VOC.  We’ll review how they must define their own similar 6-word phrase that ensures their own process capability (often expressed as “voice of the process” or VOP) meets that VOC.


Riar Attar

Changing to Win! and Quickly


Rias Attar
Vice President - Enterprise Project Management Office & Strategic Initiatives
 Caesars Entertainment

Organizations deal with continuous shifting, change is now happening every minute and every hour not in days and weeks anymore. Organizations MUST adapt or die! This is why we are here in this summit, it starts with Business Transformation and Operational Excellence. But why we are doing this? how we should do it? and what we need do, and when?


Ryan Shumway

Make it Stick! Proven Best Practices to Create Lasting Improvement in Your Organization

Randy Shumway
Chairman, Partner
 Cicero Group

This will be unlike most keynote presentations you’ve experienced.  This will be a highly interactive discussion in which we compare lessons learned from the Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis and apply those experiences in leading a well-functioning, highly innovative, and problem-solving organization.


Steve Waszak-3

Creating a Winning Culture by Leading with Fundamentals


Steve Waszak
VP Operational Excellence
 Greene Group Industries

If you have a business with a viable market, you either have competition or you have competition coming.  Unless everyone in your organization…everyone! …is aware of how they contribute to getting and keeping business you have cracks in the foundation of your competitive advantage.  This talk will introduce you to focused, simple strategies and methods to create an awareness among every single person in your organization of what they can influence and/or recommend to continuously improve your competitive advantage.


Ronald Lear-1

Transforming Organizational Capability and Performance Using CMMI V2.0


Ronald Lear
Director of IP Development, CMMI Products & Services Chief Architect
 CMMI Institute

Does your organization strive to improve speed-to-market?  Do you aim to deliver quality solutions that fully meets or exceeds your customer needs? Do your teams aspire to increase productivity and efficiency?  How can you address all this and still continually outperform the competition? Join me in a journey of discovery and enlightenment and learn about a new model of business performance that is designed for multiple domains, industries and businesses and deployed globally in over 103 countries.  Learn how CMMI Version 2.0 is making the world work better at the speed of business for the next century.


Southard Jones

Transformation champions: the new ways leaders are transforming into Intelligent Businesses

Southard Jones
Vice President of Product Marketing

Leading organizations like Vodafone, ABB, and Merck are tackling the transformation journey differently than other companies and are achieving remarkable results. Whether it is achieving 92% perfect PO rate, increasing no-touch orders by 25%, or virtually eliminating duplicate invoices, leading organizations are attacking operational friction with new levels of success. Come learn how these organizations' apply a process-first approach combined with the Celonis products to create intelligent operations. Lastly, catch a live demo of just-released capabilities from Celonis' Intelligent Business Cloud, powered by patented Process Mining Technology and machine learning.


Kiashore Kandru

RPA with LeSS: An Insurers Insight


Kishore Kandru
Enterprise Business Architecture Leader
CSAA Insurance Group

Whether you are just getting started with RPA or have few bots under your belt - explore how you can scale your RPA practice/CoE with LeSS framework

  • Portfolio management
  • Delivery management
  • Operations management
  • Explore how to set it up the right way and scale it to the whole enterprise


Ryan Leuty

To Know Where You’re Going, You Must See What You’re Doing

Ryan Leuty
Operational Excellence | Black Belt
Country Financial

In office settings, work is often hidden in system tasks and emails.  This is especially true in financial services and insurance industries where your experts are knowledge workers and tasks vary from one to the next.  When you scan the work area and see everyone diligently working at their computers, it’s easy to accept that everyone is busy as they say.  So, do you need that extra headcount?


Angie Burris

The Role of Culture in Transformation


Angie Burris
Director of Customer Experience

The recipe for successful business transformation initiatives is the right blend of people, process, and technology.  Culture is a critical success factor, but is often overlooked.  

Key Takeaways:

  • The role of culture in transformation
  • Who drives culture

  • How to leverage process and technology to accelerate transformation


Bilal Muhammed

“I Accept The Challenge”: A Hybrid Engagement Model for Digital Transformation and Innovation in High Risk & Regulatory Environments

Bilal J Muhammed
Vice President, ISRM
Wells Fargo

The 4th Industrial Revolutions impact will require Legacy IT & BPM Organizations Culture to embrace a Hybrid Rapid Deployment IT Supply/Demand Model where the Consumer (End-User) is Elevated to the Infrastructures Endpoint above the Technology. This new model will be anchored in an Active Online & Dynamic Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Integrated Asset Warehouse where Vendor Management, Finance & Procurement merge into the Engineering Design, Deployment & Sustainability Models.


Augustin Stengel

Deploying Lean Management for Top Executive Teams



Agustin Stengel
VP, Way of Working
Fannie Mae

Leaders from Fannie Mae’s Lean Management Center of Excellence share their approach to shifting CEO and top two layers of organization to accelerate enterprise-wide adoption within three years of initial introduction to lean management practices


Minette Norman-1

Transformational Leadership: The Practice of Human Connection



Minette Norman
Vice President, Engineering Practice
Autodesk, Inc.

In this talk, Minette will challenge the audience to think differently about how we interact in our work lives, offering experience-based strategies for breaking down barriers, feeling inspired, and assuming responsibility for improving our relationships with colleagues. Drawing on diverse fields—from neuroscience to philosophy to psychology—she will discuss how to manage feelings of defensiveness, embrace diversity of thought, and cultivate better communications. To stay competitive in today’s complex world, we need to stay connected—with each other, with our customers, and with ourselves.


Raymond Brand

How to Develop Highly Effective Change Agents


Raymond Brand
Sr. Performance Improvement Engineer
Barnes Jewish Hospital

If you want your organization to transform more rapidly than anything you have ever seen , come learn what type of individuals will carry your organization further than ever imagined.  We will take a deeper look than certifications and project experience to help executive leaders and PI resources understand what skill sets are truly needed to deliver a transformation change.   Focusing on driving intrinsic motivation with an entire organization, tactical approaches to creating change go beyond what traditional education teaches us about lean/six sigma.


Byron Tatsumi-2

Launching a Process Innovation program for a cloud company

Byron Tatsumi
Senior Director, Process Innovation

While there are many presentations on continuing to grow and enhance process/continuous improvement programs this presentation provides unique insight if you want to understand how to create a tailored program from scratch with no top-down mandate.

Salesforce, a global cloud company, launched a Process Innovation program in 2017.  During this session hear from Salesforce’s Process Innovation leader about how the company focuses on Operational Excellence (one of the company's strategic pillars) and has used Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement approaches to scale, staying agile, and enabling digital transformation.


Erin Pelletier

 A journey of transformation and continuous improvement

Erin Pelletier
Director of Operational Excellence
Care New England Health System

  • Maintaining the attention, accountability and rigor for improvement after the consultants and subject matter experts are gone
  • Development of control and sustainability plans
  • Developing facilitation, project management, and performance improvement resources within the organization to continue improvement
  • Building a governing structure to oversee improvement projects


Alina Aronova

Business transformation across industries, organization size, and maturity levels

Alina Aronova
Chief of Staff for the Global Product Technology

To remain competitive ALL companies must regularly transform an adapt to change. New industry developments and technological advancements have the potential to expand current revenue streams or open doors to new business opportunities. If done poorly or incorrectly companies expose themselves to reputation risk, customer loss and financial downturns.


Rob Stewart

Deploying blended learning for Operational Excellence


Rob Stewart

By examining case studies on why and how various organizations have and are deploying blended learning, attendees will discover custom blended learning best practices that fit their unique requirements for Operational Excellence related skill-building (Lean, Six Sigma, Root Cause Analysis, Problem Solving, more).


Jeffery Davis

The Forgotten Basics of Lean 


Jeffery A. Davis
Executive Director of Operational Excellence
JP Morgan Chase

Why do organizations feel the need to “re-invent” Lean? Acknowledge Lean as a standalone program, get the right people in key positions and use very basic Lean tools to create better stability, predictability and standardization. Only once you’ve established standards can real continuous improvement begin.

During my session on the Forgotten Basics of Lean, we will talk about implementing Lean tools for the right reasons, some of the basic tools with near universal applicability and some of the key, deeper elements of each tool that have been omitted by most organizations and why it is important to add them back to the basic Lean tool box.


Steve Willoughby-1

Optimizing your Value in Operational Excellence 



Steve Willoughby
President & Principal Consultant, LSSBB, MBOE

In this session, we will talk about the various aspects of OPEX; the structure of centralized or decentralized programs, tools that can be employed based on maturity and needs, and the ongoing management and continuous improvement as organizational maturity and needs change.  

  • Frameworks & Methodologies
  • Focusing due north, aligning strategy to your capabilities
  • Identifying the best opportunities for your direction
  • Managing long term success


Keith Clinkscales

Think Like A County, Operate Like A Top Fortune 500 Company!



Dr. Keith Clinkscales
Director Strategic Planning & Performance Management
BOCC-Palm Beach County

Balanced Scorecards, Total Quality Management, High Performance Teams, Employee Engagement, Rewards & Recognition,  Process Re-engineering, Benchmarking, Lean Six Sigma, Strategic Planning, Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives all attributes usually associated with an innovative and progressive Fortune 500 company. However, this presentation will take you on the journey of how Palm Beach County went from good to GREAT by still “thinking like a county”…but learning to operate like an innovative, progressive Fortune 500 Company.


Karen Tilstra

Is Design Thinking Healthcare’s New Super Power? How one of America's Largest Hospital Systems Learned the Truth.

Karen Tilstra
Co- Founder
Florida Hospital Innovation Lab (FHIL)

This presentation Highlights  how Applying Design Thinking to health care could enhance innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness by increasing focus on patient and provider needs.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the Design Thinking mythology  (Human centered design) and why it matter’s to healthcare 
  • Understand how some of healthcare’s biggest challenge can be solved through the Design Thinking.
  • Describe how lean, agile and Design Thinking (human centered design) are interrelated tools to achieve operational excellence.


Robert Cartia

Strategy to Execution - Blueprint for Competitive Advantage


Robert Cartia
Vice President, Operational Excellence
Global Container Terminals

Developed strategy may be thorough- yet business results often fall short. Strategy to Execution (STE) uses growth accelerators to bridge sound strategy and focused execution.

The Harvard Business Review published an article 12/30/2015, Only 8% of Leaders are Good at Both Strategy and Execution, detailing the results based off of a 2013 survey of 700 executives who were asked two questions: 1) How many excelled at strategy and 2) How many excelled at execution. Not surprising, the results showed only 8% stated they were very effective at both with 16% stating they were very effective at either strategy or execution. While companies are seeking out strategies to create competitive advantage, they are overlooking a fundamental vehicle to seize it… the execution of developed strategy.


Alex Gorvachev

Driving Cultural and Strategic Transformation with Disruptive Co-Innovation

Alex Goryachev
Managing Director, Innovation Strategy and Programs

Companies of all sizes must reinvent themselves, their strategies, and their innovation practices to keep pace in the digital age. This requires nothing short of a highly disruptive and disciplined program across the entire organization, turning all employees in every function into startup-like entrepreneurs. In this session, you will learn a successful cross-departmental approach that:

  • Instills entrepreneurial mindsets, attitudes, and values into all employees worldwide, encouraging them to form their own cross-functional venture teams, and co-develop their most passionate ideas.
  • Breaks down departmental siloes around co-innovation, improving employee engagement, team-based diversity, inclusion and collaboration.
  • Rallies together the C-Suite, especially chiefs of Strategy, HR and Operations, and worldwide talent around companywide co-innovation that produces both incremental and game-changing solutions for the company, customers, and partners.