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August 07, 2017

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO:  Applying Operational Excellence Methodologies in Identifying Meaningful Data that Yields Results, Christiana Care Health System


WATCH NOW: Applying Operational Excellence Methodologies in Identifying Meaningful Data that Yields Results

 Applying Operational Excellence Methodologies in Identifying Meaningful Data that Yields Results

About the Presentation

Presented by Tze Chiam, PhD Associate Director, Research Informatics, Christiana Care Health System

As the principal investigator for technical projects that manages the data and analytics group at Christiana, Tze will discuss how he manages the priority and alignment of meaningful data projects in the healthcare system. In addition he will address:

  • Ensuring that your data is clean and understood: how to understand the data
  • How to create a predictive model that will help you get a head start on the competition
  • Applying quantitative operational excellence methodologies and simulation tools to your predictive model

WATCH NOW: Applying Operational Excellence Methodologies in Identifying Meaningful Data that Yields Results


About the Speaker

Tze is the Associate Director of Research Informatics in the Value Institute at Christiana Care Health System. He is the Principal Investigator of multiple research studies where he and his team utilize multi-method approach including statistical methods, computer simulation, and other techniques to solve pragmatic problems such as predicting surgical outcomes, optimizing staffing, and evaluating outcomes of large scale implementation of process interventions in the health system. He also manages the Data Analyst team and prioritizes research studies, as well as co-chairs the research forum at the Value Institute facilitating the exchange of research ideas and research progress.

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Prior to joining Christiana Care Health System, Tze conceptualized and developed the Business Intelligence and Research department at UMass Memorial Healthcare. This department supported initiatives ranging from corporate strategies to process improvement activities by utilizing robust data analytics and Industrial Engineering techniques.

Tze has served as a reviewer for several scientific journals, a keynote speaker and an invited speaker for several national conferences. He graduated from Purdue University, where he earned his PhD in Industrial Engineering.

In his free time, Tze enjoys taking dance classes, photography, and traveling.

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